Rajnikanth’s animation movie Titled as "Hara"

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Rajnikanth’s animation film is being made by his younger daughter Soundarya and it was titled as ‘Sultan The Warrior’. The making of this movie had started much before the making of his latest block buster ‘Robo’. But it got delayed due to various reasons.

Now as per the latest reports, Soundarya has changed the title of this film as ‘Hara’. It is also learnt that she has taken a 22 day call sheet from her dad Rajnikanth. This animated film is being jointly directed by Soundarya and KS Ravi Kumar. As per the Chennai reports, he is shooting a few scenes that go for about 20 minutes and 5 songs. ‘Hara’ is going to be the first 3D animation film in India. The highlight of this film is super star Rajnikanth will be share the screen with his animated character.

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